Dr. K. K Gupta

Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement is a complicated treatment that needs the assistance of the greatest medical professionals. Dr. K K Gupta offers a team of skilled doctors and surgeons that can do the surgery with accuracy.
The full or a portion of the glenohumeral joint is replaced during this procedure. It occurs as a result of a prosthetic implant. Our experts in Noida do it meticulously, taking into account each patient’s medical condition.

These procedures are required to repair physical joint damage or to alleviate the patient’s terrible arthritic pain.
While replacing your shoulder, the doctors perform a risk-free operation and recommend therapy along with precautions and exercises.
It’s a serious procedure that necessitates a stay at the Dr K K Gupta

The operation theatre’s contemporary equipment aids in the smooth running of the procedure. Furthermore, our improved facilities and amenities make it worthwhile for patients to come to us.