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Dr  K.K Gupta is well known Doctor in delhi NCR area. Dr. Gupta Completed His Education From well known Government Institute of India After Completing his Post Graduate he did Fellowship in Arthroscopy & Sports Injury from Global hospital Chennai then he started his practice from various private hospital of Delhi NCR, Now he Is Consultant in Kailash Hospital, Apollo Hospital and Numed Hospital, He is doing all type of replacement, Minimal Invasive Surgeries (Arthroscopic Knee & Shoulder Surgeries).



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Managed Complex Trauma & Spine Surgeries. Dr Gupta is best Arthroscopic 7 Sports injury Specialist in Noida his Special interest in Sports injury.

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It involves repairing the broken bones with the help of metal screws, pins, rods, or plates to hold the bone in place.

Arthoscopy is a minimal invasive procedure done for effectively treating joint injuries especially during related to Knee, Hip Shoulder, Elbow, Ankle, or wrist

Shoulder replacement means replacing one or all components of the shoulder joint. The most common indication for shoulder replacement is arthritis.

Total hip replacement is a gratifying procedure for patients suffering from hip arthritis. Hip arthritis can present as hip pain and radiation along the thig.

Total knee replacement is a surgical procedure where the entire damaged knee joint is replaced with man-made material such as metal or plastic

In India, there would have been a large number of persons with back issues. It requires specific attention…

Arthritis pain has a significant impact on a senior citizen’s quality of life. We take pleasure…

These muscles merge into tendons and this muscle structure allows the arm to be lifted and rotated. Repetitive stress can be work or sports-related….

During an arthroscopic Bankart procedure, your surgeon makes a few small incisions over your shoulder joint.

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